Around The Garden In April

Now is the time to direct sow carrots, peas, beetroot, winter cabbages, broccoli, salad crops, and more!

Rake out any dead moss with a scarifier, repair bare patches, and apply lawn fertiliser.

Keep an eye out for slugs and snails with the use of slug pellets if needed (follow the directions on the box of course!).

Remove blanket weed from your pond with a rake now so that it doesn’t take over. Alternatively, use a product Waterlife’s Blanket Weed Killer.

Cut back the last of the perennials and lightly fork over the soil. Do so carefully, without damaging any emerging shoots.

Buy fresh potting compost and store in a cool, dry place, ready for the coming season.

Improve drainage of heavy soils by incorporating plenty of organic matter.

Apply weed killer to perennial weeds in paving and patios.

Top Tip:

To keep roses growing healthily, and for the best flowers this summer, make sure to keep your climbing roses well tied down.

This Month's Key Tips
  • Keep weeds under control. Run a hoe through beds and borders to remove weeds now.
  • Build raised beds so you don't need to bend when growing vegetables.
  • Sow new lawn seed now. Repair bare patches. Lay new turf this month.
  • Remove dirt from paths and paving before summer arrives.
  • Give your houseplants some TLC. The warmer weather and longer hours of light may mean they need more water.