Around The Garden In August

Lawn growth will slow down in late summer so raise the cutting height of your mower to help the grass cope.

Recut any lawn edges. Install lawn edging to make future maintenance easier.

Recycle your water; collect washing up water in a bucket outside for watering beds and lawns. Use water butts as much as you can.

Turn the compost in your compost bin(s) every month to keep it well aerated and to speed up decomposition.

If you’re planning on laying a new lawn this autumn, prepare the area now to give it time to settle.

Top Tip:
Give hedges a final trim before they stop growing.

This Month's Key Tips
  • Give hedges a final trim before they stop growing.
  • Cut back any herbs to encourage a new flush of tasty leaves that you can harvest before the frost. You can dry or freeze excess herbs for later!
  • Watch out for adult frogs and toads leaving the pond. Keep the pond topped up with water from your water butts!
  • Trim and feed hanging baskets to keep them looking lovely. They will need some TLC after working so hard setting flowers all summer!
  • Cut back the fruited canes of your summer raspberries, leave the new green canes for next year.