Around The Garden In June

If there hasn’t been much rain, raise your mower blades to reduce stress on the grass.

Use water butts as much as possible and water your containers and baskets well in hot weather. Start to feed them with a balanced fertiliser every 2-4 weeks.

Make small ‘wells’ around individual plants so that the water can soak the soil to about 25cm. Wetting the surface wastes water, encourages weeds, and can lead to surface rooting.

Keep removing blanket weed from your pond to allow the plants and fish room to breathe.

Check for aphids on the underside of leaves. Remove them by hand or spray with an insecticide to prevent them multiplying. Alternatively try a natural pest control such as lacewing larvae.

Top Tip:
Keep your bird baths topped up with water in hot weather!

This Month's Key Tips
  • Make the pond more wildlife-friendly by placing logs and stones around the edge for shelter.
  • Always water potted blueberries with rainwater. The lime in tap water reduces the acidity of the soil over time.
  • If your houseplants like humidity, mist them frequently through warm weather days.
  • Harvest flower heads from your lavender plants to use in baking, crafting, or as a garnish to your meals.
  • Protect crops from carrot fly by covering with horticultural fleece.
  • Keep your bird baths topped up with water in hot weather!