Around The Garden In March

Recut lawn edges if they need it.

Mow your lawn if it needs it! Set the blades high and choose a day that’s dry.

Remove any pond netting left over from autumn and winter.

Remove slimy patches from patios and paving. Give them a good scrub with a broom or a blast from a pressure washer!

Give watering cans a good clean. This prevents fungal diseases.

Top Tip:
Lay new turf when the ground isn’t frozen or waterlogged.

This Month's Key Tips
  • Prune and feed roses now. Feed with a special rose feed or fertiliser as they come into growth.
  • Dig a 5cm layer of compost, well-rotted manure or green waste into vegetable beds. This will get them ready for the growing season!
  • Mulch fruit trees with well-rotted manure or compost. Do not mound mulch around the trunk!
  • Lay new turf when the ground isn't frozen or waterlogged.
  • There is still a lack of food in the wild so keep those bird feeders and trays topped up!