Around The Garden In November

If you need to aerate your lawn, do it now before the winter sets in. Use a lawn aerator or a garden fork.

Set your lawn mower to a higher cutting-height for the winter months.

Clean and maintain your greenhouse. Replace any damaged glass, clean it thoroughly, and stage with horticultural disinfectant.

Protect plants in the greenhouse by insulating. This can be done with sheets of bubble wrapped attached to the inside of the frame. Remember to ventilate.

Be careful not to overwater plants as the colder months approach.

Collect leaves for making leaf mould.

Net your pond to prevent leaves from falling into it. If pond weed needs to be cleared, leave it next to the pond for a couple of days before disposal. This gives any wildlife the chance to move back into the water.

Give dry soil one last good watering before the ground freezes.

This Month's Key Tips
  • Protect tender plants from frost, harsh winds and freezing rain. Move plants into a sheltered spot, a greenhouse, or consider wrapping plants and pots (bubble wrap is ideal).
  • Do not prune plum trees now, wait until midsummer. Pruning in autumn will leave the trees susceptible to silver leaf fungus.
  • Spread fresh manure over vegetable beds and leave to rot down over winter.
  • It's time to prepare your garden to help wildlife through the cold months. Plenty of food, water and shelter are most important.
  • Set your lawn mower to a higher cutting-height for the winter months.