Around The Garden In October

Move tender plants into the greenhouse to protect them from early frosts. Ensure they have enough space to keep them well ventilated and reduce the risk of disease.

If you’re bringing plants inside, check them for pests and diseases.

Re-cut any lawn edges if it’s needed. To make maintenance easier in the future, consider installing lawn edging.

Aerate your lawn with a garden fork. This will help to avoid the soil becoming water-logged and/or compacted over winter.

If the soil is dry, give your lawn one last good watering before the ground freezes.

Net ponds to prevent leaves falling into them.

Top Tip:
Reuse compost from annual containers as mulch in the garden!

This Month's Key Tips
  • Mulch borders after tidying with bark chips, well rotted manure or leaf mould. This will keep the plant roots warm and keep weeds in check over the winter.
  • Reuse old grow bags by cutting away the top and sowing late salad crops. Cropping can be extended into winter if grown under glass, cloches, or polytunnels.
  • Remove any citrus trees indoors and put them in a bright, frost-free position away from cold draughts and radiators.
  • Reuse compost from annual containers as mulch in the garden!
  • Clear out nest boxes if you haven't already. Birds don't hibernate and need lots of energy to keep themselves warm at night. Consider moving the clean nest box into the shed.