Autumn Jobs

Create compost bins for collecting fallen leaves and dead plant material.

Reuse spent compost from annual container displays as a mulch on the garden.

Net ponds to prevent leaves falling into them. If you need to clear pond weed lay it next to the pond for a day to allow wildlife to escape back to the water.

Build cold frames to protect young plants from extreme winter weather.

Clean out water butts and let the autumn rains refill them.

Invest in bird baths and bird feeders this autumn. Birds are gardeners friends and will keep pest numbers down.


Top Tip

Sweep up debris and fallen leaves that harbour overwintering fungal spores and hiding places for slugs and snails.


This Month's Key Tips
  • Clear up fallen autumn leaves on a regular basis.
  • Cut back perennials that have died down.
  • Harvest fruit tress - apples and pears.
  • Move tender plants into the greenhouse for winter.
  • Renovate old lawns or create new grass areas by laying turf.