All aboard! 

Our theme this year was heavily influenced by our position on the old Fakenham railway line close to the Fakenham West Station. Taking inspiration from the Three Brick Arches in particular and trains in general, we hope to take you on a very festive journey. 


You will begin in The Sidings, a mix of cool, icy blues, warm browns, and wintery whites that will make you feel as if you’ve just plodded through snowy woods. 

You will then enter The Ticket Office, a welcoming combination of warm reds and golds with a natural, country feel. 

 From here you will approach The Waiting Room, full of dark and luxurious reds, purples, golds and pinks. It’s a very lavish waiting room! 

Finally you will arrive at The Emporium, a bright and fun theme bursting with pinks, bright reds and golds. 


 We hope you don’t run out of steam on your journey through, and that you’ve fully enjoyed yourself when you get to the end of the line!!

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