Summer Feeding & Bird Care


As the sun makes an appearance, so does the wildlife in your garden as the birds and the bees come out to say hello.  As many others, we love to attract the birds into our gardens with delicious treats on offer for them.  Whether you like to dot bird feeders around the garden or have  designated spot where you can see then from indoors or out, we’ve put together a guide to summer feeding care this year.


Our top tips

• High energy food is still key during summer


We stock high energy protein balls and food for the birds in the garden centre.



• Provide food for hardworking parents


The birds are out hunting and gathering for their hatchlings, so make sure you’re fuelling the parents by feeding them.



• Sunflower hearts, meal worms are perfect summer feeds


The birds find them delicious too!



• Add fresh water for bathing and sipping


Whether you have a bird bath or drinking bowls near their feeders, top it up regularly with fresh water, especially when the heat rises!


If you need any further tips or advice about caring for the birds in your garden this Spring and Summer, feel free to ask one of our expert staff members in-store who can point you in the right direction! We have a huge range of bird care, perfect for attracting the wildlife into your garden.




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