Levington's PEAT FREE Multi Purpose with added John Innes 50L
Westland New Horizon PEAT FREE 50L
Tree & Shrub PEAT FREE Compost 50L
PEAT FREE Wool Compost
PEAT FREE Double Strength Wool Compost
The Gardener's Multi Purpose Compost 50L 20% EXTRA FREE
Multi Purpose with John Innes 50L
Jack's Magic All Purpose Compost 50L
Ericaceous Compost 50L (for acid loving plants)
John Innes Compost Range 35L
Aquatic Planting & Potting Mix 25L
Farmyard Manure 50L
Soil Conditioner 50L
NEW FOR SPRING 2022 Soil Improver
PEAT FREE Lakeland Gold Soil Improver
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