Adding houseplants to your home adds interest and colour, plus they have many beneficial properties too.  Our houseplant ranges vary weekly so there is always something flowering or foliage interest plants to choose from.

Taking Care of Your Housepants…

  1. Feed them rainwater. Collect rainwater in pots or buckets outside – houseplants love it!
  2. But avoid giving them too much! Rather than watering daily, monitor the soil to determine whether it needs more water.
  3. Crack open a window. Fresh air does wonders for houseplants, and helps them consume carbon dioxide to grow, whilst releasing oxygen in return.
  4. Let there be light. Getting the right amount of light is important as plants need sunlight to turn it into energy.
  5. Buy again…not too much! The windowsill might not be the best place for your plant, as sunlight through thre glass can be too hot for your plants.
  6. Keep them pruned. Remove any dead or dying leaves regularly to allow fresh new growth.
  7. And dust free! Dust can stop leaves taking in air and sunlight, so dust them with a damp cloth regularly.
  8. Remember to repot. If roots start developing on top of your soil, it needs more room to grow.
  9. Make sure your plants have drainage. Drainage hole in pots allow for any excess moisture to escape and allows air into the soil.
  10. Research your plants if you have pets. Some houseplants can be toxic to dogs or cats, so make sure you do your research before bringing a new plant into your home.




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