In The Flower Garden In April

Lift and divide perennial plants now as this will create new plants and increase their vigour.

Tie in climbing and rambling roses.

Finish cutting back any dead foliage on perennials and ornamental grasses.

Continue to remove faded flowers from winter pansies to stop them setting seed. Doing so will encourage flourishes of new flowers throughout the spring.

Deadhead daffodils and tulips as the flowers finish, but leave the foliage intact. Allow the foliage to die back naturally.


Top Tip:

Feed trees, shrubs, and hedges with a balanced, slow-release fertiliser. Lightly fork it into the soil surface. Roses in particular will benefit from being fed as they come back into growth.

This Month's Key Tips
  • Keep weeds under control. Run a hoe through beds and borders to remove weeds now.
  • Build raised beds so you don't need to bend when growing vegetables.
  • Sow new lawn seed now. Repair bare patches. Lay new turf this month.
  • Remove dirt from paths and paving before summer arrives.
  • Give your houseplants some TLC. The warmer weather and longer hours of light may mean they need more water.