In The Flower Garden In May

Plant summer hanging baskets. Add a good-quality compost and slow-release fertiliser to keep them looking their very best!

Trim back spreading plants after they’ve flowered. This encourages fresh new growth and more blooms in the future.

Tie in sweet peas with plant support rings to encourage them to climb.

Tie in climbing and rambling roses. Bonus tip, laying the stems horizontally will help to produce more flowers!

Feed and water your container plants! Top-dress permanent pot plants to give the compost a refresh.

Top Tip:
Closely inspect plants for pests and diseases – prevention is much easier than curing an infestation!

This Month's Key Tips
  • Start planting out summer bedding towards the end of the month, when it gets warmer.
  • Remember to open your greenhouse vents and doors on warm days! You can also damp down your greenhouse on hot days to increase humidity.
  • Optimise your watering regime. Watering early and late in the day will get you the most out of your water.
  • Watch out for late frosts! Protect tender plants.
  • Check for nesting birds before clipping hedges.