In The Flower Garden This March

Feed trees, shrubs and hedges with slow-release fertiliser by lightly forking it into the soil surface.

Cut the old leaves off hellebores to remove any foliar diseases and make spring flowers more visible.

Feed roses with special rose feed or balanced fertiliser as they come into growth.

If you have a rhododendron that needs a new lease of life, choose a frost-free day this month to cut the branches hard.

Keep an eye out for slugs as the weather warms. Pay special attention to soft, new growth, which slugs love. Use nematides for an effective organic control.

Deadhead daffodils as the flowers finish and let the foliage die back naturally.

Finish cutting back dead foliage from perennials and ornamental grasses to make way for new growth.

Deadhead hydrangeas before new growth appears. Cut to about one third of last seasons growth.

Top Tips:

Put supports in. If any of your garden plants or climbers need supporting this year, put them in now, so plants can grow up through them. Adding support afterward is trickier and often look unattractive.

This Month's Key Tips
  • Start to feed pond fish.
  • Protect new shoots from slug damage.
  • Refresh the surface soil in plants pots.
  • Plant out summer flowering bulbs.
  • Clean up paths, patios and decking.