In The Flower Garden This September

Keep deadheading annuals and perennials to extend their performance.

Continue to feed and deadhead hanging-baskets and container annuals, they will often keep going until first frosts.

Prune climbing roses and rambling roses once they’ve finished flowering.

Keep camellias and rhododendrons well watered at this time of year to ensure that next year’s buds develop well.

Plant spring-flowering bulbs now, such as daffodils, crocus and hyacinths for glorious colour next year.

Deadhead your penstemons, dahlias and roses to keep flowers coming.

Prune any late-summer flowering shrubs, such as the rock rose.

Top Tip:

Divide your herbaceous perennials. This will keep your plants healthy and vigorous year after year and multiply your stock. 

This Month's Key Tips
  • Plant spring flowering bulbs.
  • Pick autumn raspberries.
  • Plant trees and shrubs in autumn - will give them the best start to let the roots settle in before new spring growth.
  • Keep up with watering of new plants.
  • Net ponds before leaf fall gets underway.