In The Fruit Garden In December

Now is the perfect time to prune your fruit trees! Pruning will encourage quality fruit production and allows you to give it a balanced structure.

However, do not prune cherry and other stone fruit trees. Leave them until the summer to prevent silver leaf fungus.

Lift and divide well established rhubarb clumps to renew its vigour.

Protect the tips of fig tree branches as they will carry the fruits for next year and they are susceptible to frost. Cover them with fleece or straw.

This Month's Key Tips
  • Leave faded flower heads on your hydrangeas until spring. This provides frost protection to buds further down the stems.
  • Remove any yellowing leaves from your winter brassicas, then cover them over with netting to protect them from pigeons. 
  • Leave a shallow container of water at ground level. Wildlife other than birds need a drink!
  • Now is the perfect time to prune your fruit trees! Pruning encourages quality fruit production.
  • Protect poinsettias from cold draughts (they really don't like them) and allow them to dry out slightly between waterings. This should make them last all through the Christmas period and into January.