In The Fruit Garden This September

Tidy up your strawberry plants and clear away any used straw, as this will harbour pests and diesases over winter.

Pot up strawberry runners to make extra plants for next year.

Cover wall-trained peach trees to prevent peach leaf curl from taking hold. The fungus needs wet conditions to infect the plants.

Harvest plums. If you have more than you need, freeze them by washing, halving and stoning them, before laying them out on a tray in the freezer. Once frozen, pack them into freezer bags.

Pick blackerberries as they ripen and use straight away or freeze some for use later on.

Pick off rotting fruits from pear, apple and stone fruit trees, they will spread diease if left on the tree.

If you haven’t already, cut back the fruited canes of your summer raspberries, leaving the new green canes for next year’s crop. Tie in next year’s raspberry canes to support wires or fencing.

Mow long grass under fruit trees to make it easier to spot windfall friuts.

Take hardwood cutting of currants, gooseberries and figs to increase your stock.

Top Tip:

Pick ripe apples. To test when they’re ripe, gently lift them in the palm of you hand or give them a gentle pull, they should come away easily.

This Month's Key Tips
  • Plant spring flowering bulbs.
  • Pick autumn raspberries.
  • Plant trees and shrubs in autumn - will give them the best start to let the roots settle in before new spring growth.
  • Keep up with watering of new plants.
  • Net ponds before leaf fall gets underway.