In The Home And Greenhouse In April

Give your houseplants some TLC; the warmer weather and longer light hours will encourage growth. They may be in need of some extra water!

Buy veg plug plants to free up windowsill space and take away the hassle of sowing seed.

In the greenhouse, sow large seeded, large-leaved vegetables, e.g. cucumbers and courgettes for an early July harvest.

If you have the space to spare in the greenhouse around potential tomato beds, direct sow a pack of zinnias. They will give you vases of flowers to pick throughout the summer.

Spring clean those houseplants! Dust and wash those leaves, it actually does help them to thrive.

Top Tip:

Remove dirt from paths before summer arrives. Use a pressure washer or special patio cleaner.

This Month's Key Tips
  • Keep weeds under control. Run a hoe through beds and borders to remove weeds now.
  • Build raised beds so you don't need to bend when growing vegetables.
  • Sow new lawn seed now. Repair bare patches. Lay new turf this month.
  • Remove dirt from paths and paving before summer arrives.
  • Give your houseplants some TLC. The warmer weather and longer hours of light may mean they need more water.