In The Home and Greenhouse In May

Clean shiny-leaved plants with a damp cloth and spiky plants with a soft brush.

Pot up houseplants showing signs of being root-bound.

Don’t forget to give greenhouse plants more space as they put on new growth. This will help prevent diseases, and to contain early pest infestations.

Check plants at least every few days, to see if they need watering. Seedlings will need daily attention. Use rain, grey or recycled water when possible.

Try growing plug plants in your greenhouse! They are a cost-effective source of lots of plants, and they avoid the need for propagation facilities.

Top Tip: 
Apply shade paint to the outside of the glass or use blinds on summer days to prevent temperatures from soaring in the greenhouse. 

This Month's Key Tips
  • Start planting out summer bedding towards the end of the month, when it gets warmer.
  • Remember to open your greenhouse vents and doors on warm days! You can also damp down your greenhouse on hot days to increase humidity.
  • Optimise your watering regime. Watering early and late in the day will get you the most out of your water.
  • Watch out for late frosts! Protect tender plants.
  • Check for nesting birds before clipping hedges.