In The Vegetable Garden In February

If you have light soil, you can sow broad beans, carrots, parsnips and other veg under cloches.

From the middle of the month, sow tomato and cucumber seeds for greenhouse growing.

Peas can be sown in the greenhouse.

Garlic and Shallots can be planted out in light soils. Heavy soils take longer to warm up.

Sow peppers for growing in the greenhouse.

If you haven’t already, there is still time to chit your early potatoes.


Top Tip:

Build raised beds now, before the growing season begins. Raised beds will allow you to make an earlier start in the garden, as the soil in a raised bed will warm up faster than soil in the garden. Soil in raised beds drains more quickly too!

This Month's Key Tips
  • Prepare vegetable seed beds.
  • Net fruit and vegetable crops to keep birds away.
  • Prune winter-flowering shrubs if they have finished flowering.
  • Prune Wisteria and hardy evergreen hedges.
  • Cut back deciduous grasses left uncut over winter.