In The Garden

It’s all about clearing weeds, pruning shrubs and of course, taking the time to smell the roses.

Not forgetting to sow fast-growing hardy annuals outside to flower this year.

Put in supports for newly planted dahlias and other tall perennials.

Prune spring flowering shrubs.

Also remove any build up of blanket weed and duckweed from ponds.


Top Tip:

Be water-wise and keep plants hydrated

This Month's Key Tips
  • Hoe borders regularly to keep weeds down.
  • Be water-wise and keep plants hydrated.
  • Pinch out sideshoots on tomatoes.
  • Harvest lettuce, raddish, other salads and early potatoes.
  • Prune spring flowering shrubs.
  • Shade greenhouse to keep them cool and prevent scorch.
  • Mow lawns weekly.