Looking After Your Lawn This December

Keep clearing leaves off the lawn to let the light in and prevent dead patches appearing.

Spike lawns with a garden fork to improve drainage and aeration.

If it’s a mild winter, continue to cut the lawn as it grows, but raise the height of the mower blades.

Send lawnmower and shears to be serviced and sharpened while they’re less in demand.

Top Tip:

Avoid walking on your lawn when it’s blanketed by heavy frost or snow, as this damages the grass.

This Month's Key Tips
  • Check your winter protection structures are securely in place.
  • Prune acers, birches and vines before Christmas to avoid bleeding.
  • Harvest leeks, parsnips, winter cabbage, sprouts and remaining root crops.
  • Reduce watering of houseplants.
  • Insulate outdoor taps and prevent ponds from freezing.