Looking After Your Lawn This February

Remember to keep off the grass when there’s a frost, as the blades are more susceptible to damage.

Resume mowing your lawn on a regular basis.

Tackle young weeds before they have a chance to grow.

Look out for lawn pests and get them under control early.

Consider top dressing to improve the quality of your soil.

Top Tip:

With spring on the way it’s worth preparing your lawn for the season ahead. Try installing lawn edging, which gives a neat and tidy appearance and makes maintenance easier.

This Month's Key Tips
  • Prepare vegetable seed beds and sow some vegetable under cover.
  • Net fruit and vegetable crops to keep birds away.
  • Prune winter-flowering shrubs if they have finished flowering.
  • Prune wisteria and hardy evergrren hedges.
  • Cut back deciduous grasses left uncut over winter.