Looking After Your Lawn This October

Rake any thatch from the surface and repair dead patches. There’s still time to lay fresh turf if required.

Clear up fallen leaves regularly to allow light to the grass.

Recut any lawn edges if need. Install lawn edging to make future maintenance easier.

A last mowing can be made this month before leaving your lawn for the winter.

Sweep up any fallen leaves that harbour fungal spores and provide ideal hiding places for slugs and snails. Use them to make mould for the garden.

If the soil is dry, give your garden one last good watering before the ground freezes.

Top Tip:

Aerate your lawn with a gorden fork to avoid waterlogging and compaction over winter.

This Month's Key Tips
  • Clear up fallen autumn leaves on a regular basis.
  • Cut back perennials that have died down.
  • Harvest fruit trees - apples and pears.
  • Move tender plants into the greenhouse for winter.
  • Renovate old lawns or creat new grass areas by laying turf.