Loving Your Lawn

Autumn is a great time to sow grass seed as long as you chose the right mixture and prepare the area in advance.

You can use this time to sow a new lawn or renovate an old one.

Clear up fallen leaves regularly to allow light to the grass.

Re-cut any lawn edges if needed. Try installing lawn edging to make future maintenance easier.

Finish off essential lawn maintenance to avoid water logging and compaction over winter.

Try aerating your lawn with a garden fork, raking thatch from the surface and repairing dead patches.

Fresh turf can still be laid now. Autumn rains should ensure the turf settles successfully.

Top Tip:

Now is the time to feed your lawn and treat the area, to green up the grass and kill off and moss patches that have developed.

This Month's Key Tips
  • Clear up fallen autumn leaves on a regular basis.
  • Cut back perennials that have died down.
  • Harvest fruit trees - apples and pears.
  • Move tender plants into the greenhouse for winter.
  • Renovate old lawns or create new grass areas by laying turf.