Other Jobs About The Garden This April

Top up raised beds with compost and good quality topsoil.

Check compost bins to see if you have any compost that’s ready to use.

Apply weed killer to perennial weeds in paving and patios.

Remove dirt from your paths and paving before summer arrives. Use a pressure washer or special patio cleaner.

Improve the drainage of heavy soils by incorporating plenty of organic matter.

Invest in water butts. Position them under a downpipe to make the most of rainfall.

Top up bird baths and bird feeding stations to encourage birds into your garden.

Look out for signs of pests and diseases, early prevention is easier than curing an infestation.

Top Tip:

Keep on top of weeding now that the weather is warming up. Run a hoe through beds and borders.

This Month's Key Tips
  • Keep weeds at bay using a weedkiller.
  • Tie in climbing plants fir extra support.
  • Plant out new strawberry beds.
  • Sow hardy annual seeds directly into the ground.
  • Start to mow the lawn more regualarly.