Other Jobs Around The Garden This January

Remove slimy patches from patios and paving by scrubbing with a broom or blast with pressure washer.

Feed birds by hanging fat balls and keeping bird feeders topped up to attract birds, which in turn eat garden pests.

Remove any lurking weeds, roots and all, from your beds and borders.

Put your new-year enthusiasm to good use by cleaning pots, tools and waterbutts in preparation for spring.

Check your winter protection is still working for you, survey any stakes, supports and ties that might have been damaged in bad weather.

Check dahlia tubers in storage and remove any that are showing signs of rotting.

Top Tip:

Shred yoru Christmas tree and add it to your compost bins. Alternatively, the stripped down braches make great pea sticks.

This Month's Key Tips
  • Now is the ideal time to start 'chitting' seed potatoes ready for planting in spring.
  • Plant any seeds ready for the early spring season.
  • Clean old pots and seed trays ready for sowing and planting.
  • Start forcing rhubarb.
  • Recycle your Christmas tree by shredding it for mulch.