Other Jobs Around The Garden This March

Build a compost bin before the growing season gets underway. If you already have one, check to see if there is any compost ready to use on vegetable beds. Move bags of compost into the greenhouse to warm up for a week or two before using for sowing.

Remove any pond netting left over from the autumn/winter.

Get rid of slimy patches on patio and paving by scrubbing with a broom or blasting with a pressure washer.

Install water butts for the season ahead. Position them under a downpipe to make the most of rainfall.

Install new ponds or water features.

Give your wooden shed a spring clean before the sowing season really kicks off.

Scrub watering cans with hot soapy water to prevent fungal diseases.

Top Tip:

Start ventilating greenhouses and cold frames on warm sunny days. Don’t forget to move plants from the greenhouse to a cold frame for at least 7 days before planting out into the garden. This allows them to harden off.

This Month's Key Tips
  • Remove weeds, thatch and moss from your lawn and improve drainage.
  • Plant summer flowering bulbs.
  • Protect new spring shoots from slugs.
  • Hoe and mulch weeds to keep them under control early.
  • Top dress containers with fresh compost.