Opting for a digital version of our reward card has so many benefits!

What is it?

An environmentally friendly alternative to a plastic physical card, our digital reward card is available on both Apple and Android smartphones.

It cleverly uses the area on your smartphone that you may have used before for storing tickets for travel, events or the cinema.
On Apple devices the digital reward card is stored in the Wallet area and on Android it’s located in the Google Pay area.


In addition to helping us to reduce our impact on the environment our digital reward card is a covid safe option. We will also send you fantastic offers and promotions straight to your phone meaning you don’t need to remember your plastic card or vouchers!

You also receive some amazing additional benefits as a thank you

When you sign up we’ll send you a fantastic £10 off a £50 spend voucher plus throughout the year you’ll also get exclusive access to the following, all sent direct to your digital reward card.

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How do I add it to my phone?

When you join we will send you an email that includes an easy link to add your reward card to your phone. It could be easier simply click on the link, your phone will ask you if you would like to add the card to your phone. You confirm ‘yes’ and it will add the Fakenham Reward Card to the Wallet area on an Apple device or Google Pay area on an Android.

New to the digital reward card?

Follow our simple 3 step guide to get started

Click the button according to your phones operating system.

e.g. if you have a Samsung phone its operating system is Android.

Click Add on iPhone or Save to Pay on Android.

Open your Apple Wallet or Android Pay app to start enjoying Rewards & Offers today!

How does it work?

You use it in the same way you would a plastic card. Simply present your phone with your digital card open at the till for the team to scan when you make you purchase.

When you receive your reward vouchers or any other offer your digital reward card will automatically update with the promotion and you’ll receive a notification to let you know you have something new to enjoy. To redeem your offer simply present this to the team for them to scan when making your purchase in the same way.

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