The Flower Garden

With the warm summer sunshine this August the watering of annual garden flowers will become necessary, especially for those with a limited root run and a tendency to wilt when water is in short supply.

To hold in as much natural water as possible a mulch such as Gro-Sure Smart Ground Cover spread over the soil will also create an attractive surface that will also suppress weeds.

Regularly deadhead flowering plants such as dahlias, roses and penstemon to encourage a display of colour into early autumn.

Prune summer flowering shrubs once they have finished blooming.


Top Tip

Prune your wisteria after flowering by removing all the whippy side-shoots from the main branch framework to about 20cm from their base.

This Month's Key Tips
  • Deadhead flowering plants regularly.
  • Keep ponds and water features topped up.
  • Watering - particularly containers and new plants, preferably with recycled water or stored rainwater.
  • Harvest vegetables regularly as they become ready to promote new growth.