Vegetables and Fruit

Water your vegetable and fruit plants daily in warm weather.

Harvest sweetcorn and other vegetables as they become ready to promote new growth.

Feed tomato plants with tomato fertiliser and pinch out tops of tomato plants.

Plant out well-rooted strawberry runners into new beds for a good crop next year.

Harvest your fruit trees – cherries, plums and peaches should all be ripe now.

Cut back the fruited canes of your summer raspberries, leaving the new green canes for next years crop. Tie in next year’s raspberry canes to support wires or fencing.

Top Tip:

Keep an eye out for potato and tomato blight and remove and destroy any affected plants immediately to prevent it spreading.

This Month's Key Tips
  • Deadhead flowering plants regularly.
  • Keep ponds and water features topped up.
  • Watering - particularly containers and new plants, preferably with recycled water or stored rainwater.
  • Harvest vegetables regularly as they become ready to promote new growth.
  • Don't delay summer pruning fruits trained as restricted forms.